Funding Options

When looking for funding options, please note that we encourage you to reach out to any and every avenue available to make owning an Action Trackchair or Trackstander happen for you!

Below we have several options to try and at any time if you need help, please contact our office so we can provide you with information and guidance.

You Can Have an Action Trackchair, too!

The following video is to encourage folks that what worked for Hugh Seymour can also work for you. A charity auction was held on Hugh's behalf to help raise money for his new ST22 Action Trackchair. On Sunday, March 26, 2017, the good people of Culpeper and Orange counties in Virginia raised $7,300 at auction by purchasing donated items at the Rapidan Fire Hall!

At Offroad Trackchair, we are happy to bring a Trackchair to your function, if at all possible, in order to promote your fundraising efforts. Remember your friends and family respond very positively to seeing a happy, smiling you demonstrating just how much an Action Trackchair will contribute to your quality of life!

Make Hugh's Success Story Your Own Reality, Too!
Call us at (540) 547-4470 today.

The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation is dedicated to improving­ the life-saving capabilities of our fir­st responders and heroes through granted­ equipment, prevention education, schola­rships and training, military support an­d disaster relief. As part of our milit­ary guideline, the Firehouse Subs Public­ Safety Foundation has been able to awar­d all-terrain wheelchairs to veterans in­jured in the line of duty.

The following is a You Tube video that s­hows how the program originated and prev­ious donations that Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation have made.

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Grant Application

VETERANS AND FIRST RESPONDERS are welcom­e to apply for an all-terrain wheelchair­ grant (up to $16,000) through this progr­am. The criteria are as follows:

• Injured in the line of duty­

• Completed grant application

If someone you know can benefit from this program, please contact our office at 540-547-4470 or 919-697-6617 for more information. Thank you for your service!

If you would like to make a donation to help a veteran receive an Action Trackchair or Trackstander, OR if you are a veteran and would like to apply for funding of a Trackchair/Trackstander, please visit the sites below.

Semper Fi Fund (Marines)

America's Fund (All branches of Military)

Independence Fund (All branches of Military)

If you are wanting to make a donation, please specify that you would like your money to go towards an Action Trackchair.

If you are wanting to apply for an Action Trackchair and you were in the military, you can apply to one or all three of the links. They will let you know if you qualify.

If you would like help or need us to call you, please let us know. Email us here --> office, or call our office at 540-547-4470.

((Thank you to all that serve, have served, or plan to serve in our Military. We appreciate each of you for your bravery and commitment to our safety and security!))

If you were injured at work and have a Workman's Compensation account, check with them to see if you would qualify for an Action Trackchair. Again, using a letter of recommendation from your doctor or therapist, you could get an Action Trackchair paid through Workman's Compensation. If you need a quote to send in for this, please contact our office.

American 1 Credit Union is now accepting applications for personal loans for the purchase of Action Trackchairs. Click on the loan application link to apply.

Another great resource for possible funding through Agriculture is your local Agribility Chapter. Their national link is here -->Agrability. Most states have a Chapter, which would be operated through your state's college system. You can always contact us for help in finding out specifics for this option.

In cases where none of these options seem to work for your situation to receive an Action Trackchairs/Trackstander, there are other ways you can raise the funds needed, so don't give up!

Examples would be:

-Have fundraisers in your community, such as bake sales or auctions

-Get a local company to sponsor you with their goods/services for a raffle

-Utilize the web! Post a fundraiser on Facebook. You can either create a page or add an event to your current Facebook page. If you don't have Facebook, ask a friend or relative to set one up on theirs. Then send these links to your friends and family and ask them to pass along.

-The link below is another resource to help you raise money for yourself or someone you know that would like a Trackchair. GOFUNDME

Payments can be made by bank check, or wire transfer.