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Glenn D. says he likes to test the limits - We think he just likes playing in the water!!

From Happy Customer Hugh Seymour-

"Hi Mark and Colleen

I can't thank you enough for the huge difference you've made in my life. I'm able to get outdoors and do the stuff I love to do again. Just the little things like looking at the pretty Spring flowers; taking the dogs for a walk or for a ride on my Action Trackchair; taking walks with Sarah; getting outside for fresh air; going down to our dock on the lake; feeling refreshed; feeling like I can contribute to my family and participate in family fun; and so much more.

I love riding down to the dock each morning to feed the fish and breathe in the fresh air. It's only possible because of my Action Trackchair and the community. I had no idea what a game changer this would be for my family and I.

Thank you both again.

Hugh Seymour

April 10, 2017

WOW! Thanks, Hugh, for the fantastic picture and email! Keep those pictures coming!

Riley with his buddy David, the person responsible for getting him into his new ride, the TR2020 Action Trackstander!!

From Riley's mother -

"We are very pleased with the chair and the extra mobility it gives my son. We took it to the beach and it does excellent in the sand. Couldn't be more pleased!!"

Mr. Tim Swenson of Marshall, Minnesota, seen standing in the center of this photo taken in Charlottesville, Virginia at the delivery of Trackchairs to four heroes of the American armed forces. Mr. Swenson is the inventor and manufacturer of the awesome Action Trackchair!

We have had the pleasure of delivering a large number of Action Trackchairs and Action Trackstanders since starting our business in February of 2013! The list to deliver these innovative chairs grows each day. We are very excited to be part of such an amazing, heartwarming, and rewarding venture! Seeing the smiles on each person's face when they receive their Action Trackchair is an experience you carry with you forever!

Ken C. accepting his chair from Megabus.

On top of the world! Boys and their toys! :)

"Matthew, liberated!" is how his Dad wanted us to describe Matthew's picture!

"My Trackchair is absolutely fantastic. Everyone who sees it loves it! I am overjoyed with it and I cannot thank everyone involved with this program enough! I am rated 100%, permanently disabled, loss of use of both feet. Words are not enough to tell you the added independence my chair gives me. Thank you so much Offroad."

Arthur C. Felton Jr.

Thank you for your service, Arthur!

"I was just like you in a regular power chair!! I was wondering if or when I was going to get stuck in my regular power chair up to its axles like I have been doing since 2009!! A friend of mine turned me on to Independence and Action Trackchair and the wonderful team of Mike and Kelley Clayton of Offroad Trackchair in North Carolina! They delivered the chair on a Sunday. I can tell you this chair has opened up my yard to me. My yard is pretty good size with sand, mud, grass, a stream, gullies, etc. I can absolutely tell you this chair is a blessing if you're in a wheelchair full time. Now it does not matter, (outside of hard rain) because this chair can take you most places. Just like when you could do things you used to do as active duty or back before you got a service related injury!

It took about a hour for Mike and Kelley to go over the controls, safety features of the Action Trackchair, and have me go through it paces on terrain I was so scared of being stuck in prior to this chair! Not anymore, my friends !! If you don't have one of these chairs, get one!!!!!!! I can't wait for winter and snow. Or my trip to the beach, riding hand in hand with my wife. It's been a long time! Thanks for reading this short statement on quality of life I now have!! Hope you guys can too!"



Thank you for your service, John!

Edgar Smith is a 93+ year old that bought an Action Trackchair from us. He's giving his lovely wife, Ruth, a ride. What an adorable couple! Edgar loves gardening with his Action Trackchair.

"I haven't had my Action Trackchair long and I love being able to play with my son again anywhere and not be resticted to hard suffices. I can go anywere in the woods I please and it's great to have that freedom back again. Thank you for selling such a great product." -Dan

"I'm submitting this one for my brother, Rick Palmateer. An amazing Outdoorsman who has become even greater with the assistance of his Action Trackchair. This picture is the result of his first bow hunting harvest and it was only possible because he could go deeper in the woods than ever before. It was only appropriate that he also had to drag it out himself."-Ed

"We don't have our own Action Trackchair, but my daughter, Emma loves using Angels N Camo's own Action Trackchair. It lets her go places that she's not able to in her regular powerchair."-Brandy

"This chair has got me back playing and doing things with my baby boy.Thank you Action Trackchair. Got a fishing derby this weekend at camp and I will send some more pics of us in action."-Rocky

"I've had my Action Trackchair for over a year now and I've done so many things with it, that were not even imaginable like cruising on the beaches of the Outer Banks, climbing the dunes, riding on the rock jetty in Va Beach, going into the woods instead of setting on the edge, or in a truck. With all kinds of activities now possible, one thing remains the same..I still drag my son's deer for them, and I do so proudly!!"-Bill

"I got my chair yesterday, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I met with Mr. Mark and spoke with Ms. Colleen yesterday and the day prior. They are awesome people and I am so blessed to have met Mr. Mark. We spoke for hours yesterday. He's from upstate NY as well. Again, thank you so much and God Bless you and everyone from Mr. Tim to the ones who deliver the chairs."-James

"Jaelynn's Action Trackchair helps her join our family in the outdoors. Jaelynn loves hunting and fishing more than any child I know. As her father, we were so excited when she got her chair. It has really opened up several doors for her life."-Cory

"Hi. My name is Alfie Fisher. In 2008, I was in a serious car accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down. I was in the hospital and nursing home for 6 years. I am an avid deer hunter and fisherman. When I came home, I had to use my regular pushchair to go out in the woods deer hunting. It was very tough. In 2014, I purchased an Action Trackchair. It changed my whole life. I can get out in the woods a whole lot easier. This year, (in 2015) I got my first buck and doe." -Alfie

"My name is Andrew Vargas and I shot a deer and carried it off with this Action Trackchair. This chair helped me a lot because I couldn't go to the woods with my normal chair. So this chair helped me to go and I was so happy since it was my first deer. Thank you for making these. They really help a lot."-Andrew

"My Action Trackchair helped get me back to this big bucks territory. I shot him on 10/30/15 with a Excalibur Exomax crossbow and a 2 blade 125 grain rage crossbow broadhead chasing a doe at 30 yards. He ran 50 yards max and was done. Very easy track job. This is the first buck I got out in my new Action Trackchair. It pulled my 9 point buck out of the woods for me without a problem. Love my chair. Best thing that's happened in years = LIFE CHANGER"


"This is Chris pulling bushes out in order to make room for his handicapped ramp to our home. The Action Trackchair made it possible for him to be out working with his brother Daniel and his Dad rather than watching from the driveway. This chair has been a total game changer/life changer for our whole family. We live in the woods. Without this chair, Chris would not be able to enjoy the beauty of our property. Thank you all for bringing this chair to our family!"-Susan, Chris' Mom

"My Action Trackchair helps me enjoy the outdoors with my son. We enjoy going hiking." -Kevin

"My Action Trackchair helped my do something yesterday I didn't think was possible...take a walk on the beach with my wife. It was a moment I will cherish forever and cannot put into words how this chair has changed our lives. Thank you so much Offroad Trackchair for making our dreams a reality."- Darin Ruark

Without Action Trackchair, the Grand Canyon would have been difficult, if not impossible!


My Action Trackchair has opened up more places and opportunities than any other "tool" since my injury. I've tried to get to this pier for 5 years, and my "tank" put me front and center. Semper Fi! -Mike Hudson

"My Action Trackchair has helped me be more independent outdoors when I go hunting/fishing. I enjoy the outdoors a lot more since I have my Action Trackchair. I killed my very first deer with the help of my Trackchair. My Action Trackchair has helped me go places that I have never been able to go. I couldn't be any happier with the Action Trackchair."


September 6, 2014 - Mark delivered Jose V's Trackchair to him at the 2014 Adapted Sports Festival in MD.

"The staff was great in helping from the beginning to the end of ordering my Action Trackchair. They are genuine when it comes to helping in any way they can. Very knowledgeable and descriptive in showing the chair or answering any questions. I would trust them again for any purchase. Great people to work with!"

Enjoy your Trackchair, Sgt. Charles! Thank you for your service, Shane!

**July 2014 - Richard P. got a huge turkey while hunting in his Trackchair. It seems nothing is holding him back from enjoying the hunt! Great job, Richard.

We also received a heart-warming testimonial from the Scofield family...."This Trackchair has changed everything for Zachary. He has had so many firsts since getting it in October 2013. His first time playing in the snow, first time fishing in the creek, helping to do yard work, and being able to truly participate with the other kids on our family vacations. It has boosted his independence and confidence tremendously. So many thanks to the entire gang at Offroad Trackchair for helping us surprise Zach with this life changing piece of equipment. As a 16 year old young man with cerebral palsy, this has given him freedom, so he fittingly named his chair the 'Freedom Chair'."

Words from Matthew Grashen, another military Hero! "This Trackchair is very helpful with outdoor and off-road activities." Thank you for your service, Matthew!

After receiving her Trackchair in NJ, we spoke to Linda on the phone and she said, "I was so excited to get my Trackchair. Everything is as I thought it would be. I'm so very happy and doing things I can't believe!" We love to hear that our clients are enjoying their Action Trackchair!

Mark attended a dinner in honor of Sgt. Eric Hunter, who was very appreciative of his Trackchair. It was presented to him by 4 Wheel to Heal, with the donation coming from CARCO Group. Sgt. Hunter picked his Trackchair color to match his favorite team - Crimson Tide! He even performed a couple songs that he wrote. Thank you for your service, Eric!

Les is really enjoying his Trackchair. According to his wife Sheila, their dogs Kash, Deuce, and Major like fish feed too. We enjoy seeing pictures like these! Keep'em coming!

Military Hero, Jason Pak. Thank you for your service, Jason!

We delivered this Trackchair to Caleb G. on behalf of All Out Access. They in turn delivered a Trackchair for us out west. We all work together as Distributors and Dealers to make sure our clients get to enjoy this great product no matter their location!

"3 yrs of research and finally purchased! Can't wait to be in the woods and on the beach. 5 minutes in the chair and can't wait to be in it longer."

Jim K, Jr

David Shreve with Wintergreen Adaptive Sports came to Leon, VA on May 13, 2014 to pick up the Trackchair that was donated to them by Mr. Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr. Here's what David had to say:

"We at Wintergreen Adaptive Sports are thrilled to have the Action Trackchair, for the use of our snow sports and kayaking students and for our Wounded Warrior Program. Its ease of use and near perfect suitability for the terrain on our mountain and on the stream banks we visit will make it an unparalleled asset. More than anything else, the Action Trackchair allows many of our students to reserve their energy for their trips down the mountain trails and our region's beautiful stream beds, expanding their opportunities for the extended development of their skiing, snowboarding, and paddling skills and for pure outdoor sports fun."

If you click on the picture of the Wintergreen Adaptive Sports logo, it will take you to their webpage, where you can learn all about them! They are also on Facebook. Click here to go to their Facebook page.

"First and foremost I want to say how much of a pleasure it was working with Mark and Colleen. Living in New Jersey and with the closest Action TrackChair dealer located in Virginia, Colleen was extremely knowledgeable and made the commitment of purchasing the Trackchair a breeze.

The moment Mark pulled into my driveway I couldn't wipe the smile off my face, just seeing that rugged machine on the back of his truck made me know that there was finally freedom from smooth flat surfaces. Being a C-6 spinal cord injury and sustaining 3rd degree burns, I was confined to my sidewalks due to the pain that my other wheelchair gave me on the uneven ground.

It hurt to watch my wife and 3 children play in our 1+ acre backyard while I sat aside. But once Mark unloaded the Trackchair and I transferred into it, freedom began. I. I.m glad Mark & Colleen suggested the Gen II tracks to help with a smoother ride. Mark was excellent and patient during the demo.

In less than one week of having the Trackchair I have checked on my deer stands, scout for turkeys and most important spent valuable time with my family in the outdoors."

Thank you,

Steve H.

We delivered this chair to Steve S. in the middle of a snowstorm in Maryland. His wife was as excited as he was. She said it was the first time that Steve had been able to get around in the snow with his kids in three years!

Richard told us that he had not been able to go too far on his grandfather's land because his regular wheelchair couldn't get him around easily. He purchased his Action Trackchair and the day after Thanksgiving, he got this buck on that same land!

Nicholas was super excited to come and pick up his Trackchair today. He was scheduled to receive is in April/May of 2014. We used one of our inventory chairs and got our warrior his Trackchair early! We had such a great time with Nicholas. Such an upbeat and all around great guy!

"My husband was injured back 2006 while serving his third tour. Matthew lost his left leg and severely injured his right leg; Matthew loves to hunt and fish and just spend his time in the woods. However due to his injuries Matthew was limited to what he could do. Now Matthew can do what he loves without so many limitations with his new Trackchair. Thank you to all who made this possible for my husband. We are so very grateful and thank you Mark Grehlinger for being so kind to my husband by showing him everything about his Trackchair."

Marjorie and Matthew

This young man's dream came true thanks to an awesome Community and a loving dad. They drove down to our facility to pick up his new Trackchair. We had a blast. Thanks, Community Backstop!!

So of course we had to have some fun. We lined up for a convoy.

Dan River Construction in Virgilina, Virginia bought a Trackchair for Chris, who was able to shoot his first deer of the season!

Scott was able to get his Trackchair in time for his wedding! What an exciting time for him!!




In December of 2013, we were very happy to receive a visit from the Inventor of the Action Trackchair and Action Trackstander, Tim Swenson, with his wife, as well as our Distributors, Doug and Karen Carlson.

Mark and Colleen Grehlinger, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Swenson, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Carlson

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