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What is an Action Trackchair or Action Trackstander?

These ORIGINAL unique tracked, outdoor-use, all-terrain, "four-wheel drive" wheelchairs are for ANYONE with limited mobility due to respiratory, heart, joint problems, etc that may limit their ability to walk long distances. They are also for individuals who have limited, no use of, or have lost limbs and are wheelchair bound. Many people are able to regain access to much of what they thought they had left behind due to their accident or illness with the help of an Action Trackchair or Action Trackstander!
With a number of people injured in accidents, our military coming home injured (THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!) or many people that have mobility concerns, the Action Trackchair and Action Trackstander can have a huge and positive impact on their quality of life. No longer are you limited to the house or watching others have fun with this awesome "four wheel drive" wheelchair in your life! Go back into the fields, woods, dirt, grass, sand, and snow. Truly enjoy the outdoors once again!
Action Trackchairs and Action Trackstanders are a remarkable innovation using zero turn technology. They are capable of turning on their own axis, handle with amazing traction coming from their unique tracked design, along with their super cool tilt mechanism that allows you to tilt the Action Trackchair 20° forward and 20° back or 5° forward and 20° back with the Action Trackstander. This feature allows more control and stability of your ride while you maneuver over all types of terrain. Each chair is designed with a joystick control (or a "goal post" if needed) for simpler operation for young children (Pediatric Trackchair), teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Action Trackchairs and Action Trackstanders can be used for any number of activities such as hunting, fishing, bird watching, working on the farm or ranch, yard work, hiking, beach trips, enjoying your property and backyard, trekking through the snow, family bonfires, tailgating parties (let your imagination go wild!) or take your Action Trackchair or Action Trackstander on that much needed vacation this year! Life changing possibilities are ENDLESS with your new all-terrain YEAR ROUND wheelchair!

These special, tank like, quiet, eco-friendly, motorized, outdoor use wheelchairs have been featured on The O'Reilly Factor hosted by Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, and showcased on other prestigious television shows and news segments!

"My Action Trackchair Helps Me Get Outside" Picture Contest Entries for 2015!

"I haven't had my Action Trackchair long and I love ­being able to play with my son again any­where and not be resticted to hard suffices­. I can go anywere in the woods I please­ and it's great to have that freedom bac­k again. Thank you for selling such a great prod­uct." -Dan

"I'm submitting this one for my brother, R­ick Palmateer. An amazing Outdoorsman w­ho has become even greater with the assi­stance of his Action Trackchair. This picture is the result of his first ­bow hunting harvest and it was only poss­ible because he could go deeper in the wo­ods than ever before. It was only approp­riate that he also had to drag it out himself."-Ed

"We don't have our own Action Trackchair, but my daughter, ­Emma loves using Angel's N Camo own Action Trac­kchair. It let's her go places that she's not able to in her regular powerchair.­"-Brandy

"This chair h­as got me back playing and doing things ­with my baby boy.Thank you Action Trackchair.­ Got a fishing derby this weekend at camp­ and I will send some more pics of us in­ action."-Rocky

"I've had my Action Trackchair for over­ a year now and I've done so many things­ with it, that were not even imaginable ­like cruising on the beaches of the Oute­r Banks, climbing the dunes, riding on t­he rock jetty in Va Beach, going into th­e woods instead of setting on the edge, ­or in a truck. With all kinds of activit­ies now possible, one thing remains the ­same..I still drag my son's deer for the­m, and I do so proudly!!"-Bill

"I got my chair yesterday, THANK YOU SO M­UCH!! I met with Mr. Mark and spoke with­ Ms. Colleen yesterday and the day prior­. They are awesome people and I am so bl­essed to have met Mr. Mark. We spoke for­ hours yesterday. He's from upstate NY a­s well. Again, thank you so much and Go­d Bless you and everyone from Mr. Tim to­ the ones who deliver the chairs."-James

"Jaelynn's Action Trackchair helps her join our ­family in the outdoors. Jaelynn loves hu­nting and fishing more than any child I ­know. As her father, we were so excited w­hen she got her chair. It has really ope­ned up several doors for her life."-Cory

"Hi. My name is Alfie Fisher. In 2008, I was in a serious car accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down. I was in the hospital and nursing home for 6 years. I am an average deer hunter and fisherman. When I came home, I had to use my regular pushchair to go out in the woods deer hunting. It was very tough. In 2014, I purchased an Action Trackchair. It changed my whole life. I can get out in the woods a whole lot easier. This year, (in 2015) I got my first buck and doe." -Alfie

"My name is Andrew Vargas and I shot a deer and carried it off with this Action Trackchair. This chair helped me a lot because I couldn't go to the woods with my normal chair. So this chair helped me to go and I was so happy since it was my first deer. Thank you for making these. They really help a lot."-Andrew

"Mike recently received his Action Trackchair­. We ran a few fundraising events. M­ike was overwhelmed and excited to have ­freedom. He is 25, has always been pushe­d in his regular chair. Now he can drive­ anywhere in our yard. He really wants t­o go to Acadia National Park. We nicknam­ed his chair.
#gamechanger. He rarely smiles..but every time he gets into his chair (his Action Trackchair)...He does­.
Over Thanksgiving, we had just enough sn­ow to build a snowman. We did. ..then I ­told Mike to "have at it". He drove ove­r the snowman..back and forth..oh boy wh­at a sight! Best day ever and many many ­more to come." -Carol Kelley

"My Action Trackchair helped get me back to this big bucks territory. I shot him on 10/30/15 with a Excalibur Exomax crossbow and a 2 blade 125 grain rage crossbow broadhead chasing a doe at 30 yards. He ran 50 yards max and was done. Very easy track job. This is the first buck I got out in my new Action Trackchair. It pulled my 9 point buck out of the woods for me without a problem. Love my chair. Best thing that's happened in years = LIFE CHANGER"-David
"This is Chris pulling bushes out in order to make room for his handicapped ramp to our home. The Action Trackchair made it possible for him to be out working with his brother Daniel and his Dad rather than watching from the driveway. This chair has been a total game changer/life changer for our whole family. We live in the woods. Without this chair, Chris would not be able to enjoy the beauty of our property. Thank you all for bringing this chair to our family!"-Susan, Chris' Mom

"My Action Trackchair helps me enjoy the ­outdoors with my son. We enjoy going
hi­king." -Kevin

"My Action Trackchair helped my do some­thing yesterday I didn't think was possi­ble...take a walk on the beach with my wi­fe. It was a moment I will cherish forev­er and cannot put into words how this ch­air has changed our lives. Thank you so ­much Offroad Trackchair for making our d­reams a reality."- Darin Ruark


My Action Trackchair has opened up more­ places and opportunities than any other­ "tool" since my injury. I've tried to get to this pier for 5 years, and my "tan­k" put me front and center. Semper Fi! -Mike Hudson

"This was taken at a vehicle rescue class that I help instruct. The class is held in a cow p­asture. This chair (an Action Trackchair) has helped me stay active and get outdoors regularly." -Thomas

"My Action Trackchair has helped me be more independent outdoors when I go hunting/fishing. I enjoy the outdoors a lot more since I have my Action Trackchair. I killed my very first deer with the help of my Trackchair. My Action Trackchair has helped me go places that I have never been able to go. I couldn't be any happier with the Action Trackchair."-Shannon


Emma, Franz, Rocky, Rick, Shannon, Andrew, Michael, Darin, Kevin & David!!

Our picture contest held late in 2015, was a great success ­and generated a lot of enthusiasm for Ac­tion Trackchairs! Your pictures did so ­much to encourage other folks to conside­r an Action Trackchair or Trackstander f­or themselves or loved ones who would al­so enjoy independent offroad mobility. ­Everyone has been commenting on how inte­resting it is to see the various uses of­ these awesome all terrain machines. Fo­r some people it was the first time they'd seen such a unique ride! Thank you for taking the time to share your stories and pictures with us!


We welcome and encourage everyone to sha­re your cool pictures throughout 2016. The more times you submit a new an­d different picture with a testimonial, the better chance y­ou have of winning! The next prize drawing will be on January 15, 2017, when 10 randomly names will be drawn and those 10 people will win $100 each for a total payout of $1000!

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The manufacturer of the Action Trackchair and Action Trackstander, has recently expanded into a state-of-the-art, high tech, beautiful factory located in Marshall, Minnesota. This allows them to build and fill custom orders and ship them within ONLY approximately 4 to 5 weeks! We welcome you to contact us to see if one of our many in-stock, ready-to-go inventory chairs will fit your needs today!

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